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Large scale heat treatment furnace

This is the equipment large scale heat treatment furnace.

Large scale heat treatment furnace

Normalizing the main application areas are:

1. is used for low carbon steel, hardness is slightly higher than the annealing after normalizing, there is a better toughness, can be used as the pretreatment of the machining.

2. used for medium carbon steel, as a final heat treatment, conditioning treatment can replace also can be used as surface quenching in induction heating methods of preparation before processing.

3. used for tool steel, bearing steel, carburized steel, etc., can eliminate or inhibit the formation of the carbide network, spheroidizing annealing is obtained the good organizatio.

4. used in steel, can refine as-cast organization, to improve machinability.

5. for large forgings, and can be used for the final heat treatment, so as to avoid larger when quenching cracking tendency.6 for nodular cast iron, hardness, strength, abrasion resistance, such as used in the manufacture of automobiles, tractors, diesel engine crankshaft, connecting rod, and other important parts. All landowners hypereutectoid steel spheroidizing annealing before a normalizing, can eliminate the reticular secondary cementite, to ensure that the cementite when the spheroidizing annealing all spheres.

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