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What's CNC Cutting Advantages and CNC Cutting Application?

Steel cutting often uses a kind of cutting method: CNC cutting. CNC cutting uses CNC pinching machine to process steel plates. CNC pinching is a process control system equipped with automated machines. The control system can logically handler has the control codes or other symbols Directive, and decoding, so that the punch action and machined parts. Therefore, there are many advantages to use CNC cutting.

CNC cutting
CNC Cutting Advantages:
a. High precision, stable machining quality;
b. CNC cutting can be multi-axis linkage, and can process complex shape parts do shearform like.
c. When machining parts change, generally only need to change the NC program which can save much time.
d. High precision punch itself, rigidity, choose the amount of favorable processing, high productivity.
f. High degree of automation punching can reduce labor intensity;
g. For the higher quality requirements of the operator are, the technical requirements for the maintenance staff higher is.
CNC Cutting Applications;
CNC cutting can be used for all types of sheet metal parts processing, a variety of complex process and shallow drawing forming process can be completed for one time. The steel products can be shaped into different sizes as required.
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