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Corrugated Pipe
Company Information;
Henan Bebon International Co.,Ltd was found in 2000, The company firmly insists on self-development,and definitely believe technology is the way to live. We have several yeas of experience for corrugated steel pipe and slope protective screening with more than 200 members.Our customers are from all over the word,such as the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and most regions of China. The market reaction of our products is always good, our company has won highly reputation.
Product Description:
1.Corrugated pipe with a multitude of pipe sizes, shapes, gags, coatings and materials options, corrugated metal pipe (CMP) products offer specifiers and users the greatest versatility and flexibility in designing drainage solutions to best fit their projects exact requirements. Our CMP products provide the highest service life, strength and hydraulic properties.
2.Corrugated steel pipe has distinct advantages over other materials because of it light weight, strength,easy to installation,low maintenance and adaptability to various field conditions.
3.Steel pipe is manufactured from pre-coated steel coil, corrugated and formed into pipe.The coating is made of by Hot dip zinc technology.Steel thickness and corrugation profile depend on the type of structure,height of cover and live load over the structure.And also, our corrugated steel pipe can be produced according to customers' design and requests.;
Corrugated pipe
Corrugated pipe
PS: Different diameter, thickness,length and other size are available according to your requirements.
Advantages of corrugated steel pipe:
1. High strength: 1.5 to 3 times stronger than cement pipe.
2. Light in weight: only 1 / 15 ~ 1 / 5 of the cement pipe with the same diameter.
3. Long service life: service life is more than 100 years.
4. Low cost: when the span (diameter)≥1m, the bigger the span is, the greater the economic benefits will be.
5. Convenient in construction: no need large machinery, only a little hand works is required on site.
6. Good axial flexibility: suitable for the places where the foundation settlement is serious.
7. The construction period can be shortened in half, hence saving labor costs.
8. Help to improve the "faulting of slab ends" phenomenon of land-based structures at the junction with the embankment, and improve the driving comfort.
9. Environmental protection and low-carbon release: reduce or completely abandon using conventional materials such as cement, sand, gravel and timber, this is conductive to environmental protection and reduction of carbon emissions.
10. Easy maintenance: maintenance free in a considerable part of the environment, hence reducing the operation costs significantly.
The corrugated pipe also be widely used in Building bridge:
Corrugated pipe
Any need about corrugated pipe please feel free to contact with us . We have big corrugated pipe stock in Tianjin and Shanghai , if you need Large Diameter size of corrugated pipe,we also can offer.

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