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Parking lifting garage
Parking lift machine adopts hydraulic transmission, hydraulic pump driving hydraulic cylinder, thereby, to drive the car table up or down, achieve the goal of access vehicle. The ground parking space, after waiting for the cars increased to a certain height can be into or out of the vehicle.
Parking lifting garage
Parking lifting garage procedure:
cutting → correction → assembling → welding → second welding → polishing → section processing →ball blasting → painted → packaging & loading &transportation
Parking lifting garage component:
the main Parking lifting garage use H beam steel, maintenance structure use Type C channel steel or Z shape steel, box cross-section steel, round pipe, round steel, L steel
Parking lifting garage advantage:;
1.Mechanical lock on both sides for safety.
2. Cylinder direct drive.
3. Sound & light alarm during lowering the system.
4. Electric protection for power over load or under voltage.
5. Auto locking system for power cut as safety features.
6. Emergency stop button.
7. Explosion relief valve make sure hydraulic safety.

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