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Hot sell Moulding steel plate in China

Moulding steel plate also known as avoid demolition template network. It can replace wooden template. After pouring concrete,moulding steel plate form an ideal rough interface. Does not require rusticated job, you can enter the next step of construction.

Moulding steel plate
As a professional moulding steel plate supplier, we promise we will supply you the quality moulding steel plate. The following is moulding steel plate details for your reference:
Moulding steel plate classification:
1. Depending on the usage of moulding steel plate can be divided into: Democratic National Construction Association (housing construction) moulding steel plate, bridge moulding steel plate.
2. According to moulding steel plate pouring shape can be divided into: Girder moulding steel plate, T-beam moulding steel plate, cover moulding steel plate, hollow beam moulding steel plate, round moulding steel plate, retaining beam moulding steel plate, etc. 
3. Combination moulding steel plate: Large moulding steel plate, Small moulding steel plate, middle moulding steel plate, Inside Corner, positive angle.
Bebon international is a specialized company which devotes to R&D and manufacture kinds of moulding steel plates. We have expert engineer and skilled worker which can help you finish special engineering design. If you need moulding steel plates, please contact us anytime.

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