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Spatial Pipe Truss Structure Application

Spatial pipe truss structure is one kind of spatial structures with many round bars connected at the ends. With the increase of steel production, spatial pipe truss structure has a variety of applications in the construction industry. As a spatial pipe truss structure supplier in China, Bebon can offer large various structures as you require. We are sure the spatial pipe truss structure price is very favorable.
Spatial Pipe Truss Structure Characteristics:

Spatial pipe truss structure in most cases only bears the axis tension or pressure uniformly distributed in a cross section, so the material can easily display material function. It can be easily made of various shapes such as arch, frame and tower. Besides, spatial pipe truss structure has beautiful shape, good stability and good economic results.
Spatial Pipe Truss Structure Application:
Spatial pipe truss structure has wide applied in large-span buildings like convention centers and stadiums. This spatial structure is also made for the industry buildings, warehouses, high-speed railway stations, subway stations and high-rise commercial buildings.
Nowadays spatial pipe truss structure has commonly applied in the construction trade due to its good stability and shape. Spatial pipe truss structure is available in Bebon. We are a reliable spatial pipe truss structure exporter. Sincerely hope to establish relationship with you.

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