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Do You Know the Process of Steel Tube Bending?

No matter any kind of equipment and pipelines, bend tubes are always needed. Tube bending is a process used to reshape tubing or piping into a certain shape or design, which play a key role in both construction and the transportation of materials. Tube bending is a process used to reshape tubing or piping into a certain shape or design. This process works on metal, alloy, aluminum, titanium, and steel. So customers, do you know the process of steel tube bending?

steel tube pending process

In steel tube bending there are several possible processes that can be used: press bending, rotary bending, heat induction, and roll bending. The types of metalworking tools used in the process depend on the size and thickness of the metal. A metal forming process like tube bending can be used in construction, design, and manufacturing.
During the steel tube bending process, a bending die is used to shape the tubing or piping. Die blocks work like molds and are customizable based on the desired shape for the metal being submitted for bending. Bending die can render a piece of metal 180 degrees, also known as U-shaped, or curved anywhere from 2 degrees to 90 degrees.
When a piece of metal is being bent, it is clamped into place between two dies. Then, a rotary machine is used to form the metal. In the case of tubes, a rod is inserted to prevent the tube from buckling under the pressure. Typically, the tools used to bend the metal are made of steel, although other elements may be used if the raw material being bent is prone to scratching.
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