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Laser Cutting, Laser Cutting Applications

 Laser cutting is to use the energy that laser beam at the surface of the metals release, then make the metal melt and evaporate, which makes it easy to cut and grave. Laser cutting has high precision and low cost features. Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Advantages:
a. High precision: suitable for precision cutting and fitting the various process words, painting fine cutting. 
b. Fast speed: more than 100times than speed of line cutting. 
c. Small heat-affected zone, not deformed. Smooth, beautiful, and no post-order processing.
d. Cost-effective: the price of similar properties only CO2 laser cutting machine 1/3, and equivalent efficacy CNC punch press 2/5.
e. Ongoing maintenance costs low.
f. Stable performance: solid YAG laser is one of the most stable and mature product laser fields.
Laser Cutting Applications
Laser cutting has wide applications. Laser cutting machine can cut many materials such acrylic, wood, cloth, leather and metal, according to the sizes required. 
Laser cutting equipment can cut below 4mm thickness stainless steel, plus the oxygen in the laser beam can cut 20mm thickness carbon steel. Laser cutting refers to the use of a laser beam emitted in the above products punch according to the level corresponding to the gap created by moving known as laser cutting. Therefore, laser cutting is a new program and a new cutting method in many industries.

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