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Portal crane, bridge crane control room
Control room is an important part for cranes which assure the safety of driver and fluent operating. It is widely used in sea port portal crane, floating crane, bridge crane, tower crane, and lifting and transport machinery. Control room is also used in other lines such as port, metallurgy, construction industry. 
Portal crane, bridge crane control room
The skeleton is made by excellent materials welding into high strength, high quality. The outside of control room is coated with cold rolled excellent plates. The whole control room is fluent. On the frame internal side, decorated with materials of heat insulation, sound insulation. The floor of the control room is made by removable steel plates thicker than 4mm. 
Portal crane, bridge crane control room
We are a professional supplier of cutting accessories for cranes, mainly used for bridge crane and portal crane. We have departments including special equipment, design, production, quality control, security. We have more than hundred equipment unit and can independently complete milling, planing, rolling, pulling, boring, drilling, CNC cutting, bending, stamping, welding, testing and heat treatment, like the whole process. We welcome customer's drafts and samples for processing.

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