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The advantage of Bebon internation Co., Ltd processing:

Using the most reliable hardware integration technology
Bebon has select the brand supplier for cutting machines such as bellow:
Beijing Lin Keman three-dimensional curve nc pipe cutting machine
Xi 'an yinghua three-dimensional curve robot cutting machine
Xi 'an Rio tinto automatic welding robot
Small Japan Yaskawa UP robot
Leading decomposition structure design, drawing, the mechanical calculation software
bebon manufacturing shop
Bebon is using the Lin Keman PIPE2002 for drawing, which can be used with multiple versions of CAD software, at the same time we also together with the tongji university, xi 'an jiaotong university science parks have developed 3 d3s conversion software, automatic generation of nc code, realize the remote control. 3 d node expansion of construction drawing, processing and optimization of the layout, 3 D simulation pipe split. Bebon have a strong competitiveness and forward-looking technology.
bebon manufacturing shop
CNC cutting and welding
The curve after decades of development, the two aspects of cutting machine in cutting energy and CNC control system has been a rapid development, cutting energy has been developed from single flame cutting energy development for the present a variety of energy (flame, plasma, laser, high pressure water jet) cutting way; The curve of CNC cutting machine control system has been developed from the original simple functions, complex programming and input mode, do not have a high level of automation development to have a fully functional, intelligent, graphical, networked control mode; Drive system is also from the stepper driver, analog servo drive to today's digital servo drive.
Henan Bebon international Co.,Ltd has introduced the current domestic most advanced Lin Keman Beijing, xi 'an yinghua curve CNC plasma cutting machine, cutting with a cutting area wide, can cut all metal pipe material, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed can reach more than 10 m/min. Using fine cutting quality of the plasma cutting has made close to the level of laser cutting, cutting thickness has more than 100 mm, widened the curve CNC plasma cutting machine cutting range.

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