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The Main field of Structure Stretch-Bending

Steel structure is one of the largest user of cold bending steel, its application scope is bearing skeleton of the construction of retaining plate steel section

And roof purlin, monomer component, such as truss, steel frame, wall frame, supporting platform, stairs, keel, doors and Windows, etc. Cold bend section steel is widely used in foreign construction. Cold bend section steel in the room. Room is mainly used in steel structure in three aspects: do frame column materials, monomer component and retaining plate.
The Main field of Structure Stretch-Bending
Frame column materials
Bearing structure steel pipe is the best column of steel structure material, its breed have circular tube: phi - 610 - mm, 21.3 t = 1.2 1.6 mm, 82 standard specifications. Square tube: 20 * 20-500 * 500 mm, t = 1.2-16 mm, 101 standard specifications. Rectangular tube: 30 * 20-600 * 600 mm, t = 1.5-16 mm, 170 standard specifications. 
The Main field of Structure Stretch-Bending
Monomer component, purlin, roof opening cold bend steel, etc
Channel steel (including the edge channel steel, outside edge channel steel, unequal channel steel) specifications for 20 x 10-400 x 50 mm, t = 1.5 -- 6 mm, 88 standard specifications. Angle steel (including the unequal Angle, edge Angle) within the specifications for 20 * 20-150 * 150 mm, t = 1.2 -- 6 mm, 45 standard specifications. Beams (including inner edge, asymmetric i-steel) should be 40-250 x 80 x 75, t = 2 -- 5 mm, 23 standard specifications. According to the national standard, the opening of cold bending steel used for steel structure steel 173 specifications.
Retaining plate: pressure form board, sandwich panels, composite panels, corrugated plate, curved plates, etc
Width B = 400-1000 - mm (non-standard width of 1250 mm), t = 0.5-23 mm, height H = 12-75 - mm) (non-standard height of 145 mm, 129 standard specifications.
The Main field of Structure Stretch-Bending
The Freight Wagon field of of Structure Stretch-Bending
Railway gondola car so far, a total of development and application of three kinds of cold bend section steel. In 1985 to develop the two, respectively for the side wall transverse and cap with steel jamb, in 1993 developed A rectangular tube upper beam Angle, material for weathering steel 09 cuptire - A, the yield strength of 295 mpa.
The Main field of Structure Stretch-Bending
Cold bending steel development and application on railway box car later than gondola car, without new P64A juice box car, big volume in the same period in 1994 developed a side of the roof beam and the cold bending corrugated door plank, developed in 1997 left the door right box box left and right door. In order to meet the requirements of railway truck overloading, at the same time developed four kinds of cold bending steel, cold bending respectively variable Z side of the roof beam, rectangular hollow section on the upper beam, borders and U cold bending steel side column, its material is high weather resistance steel 09 cupcrni - A, the yield strength of 345 mpa.


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